Use tongue to provoke her orgasm


formula of sex life, not as harps situation, just passable lover usually only need a little bit of change, learning type, can be transformed into ", make you happy and happy" partner.

sensitive zone: of human body parts are sexually sensitive zone, can the stimulation caused desire. Known as sensitive with lips and breast , while other erogenous zones is differ from man to man.


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AV actress be keenly aware of; make a woman desire immortal technique

readers are aware, "clitoris" is run. But in fact is not so simple Oh! In addition to the clitoris, is quite sensitive to there are many points, and even some secrets but also ordinary people do not know. A considerable research Uzuki Miss Yu in the following report disclosure of Secrets of heaven forbidden for your skills for the female body!

through the underwear to the female body do the clitoris caress, waist and thigh bone slightly stimulate acupuncture poin

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The five step standard sex process


    女性一般都喜欢性爱前男人轻柔地摸自己的手,在摸手时有些暗示,让女人的心荡漾起来,想让男人抱着、吻着.如果在摸女人的手时 ,紧张得发抖,或是神经质地做些小动作,女人不会喜欢,反而会有些讨厌.


    男人把女人抱入怀中,动作要快、要猛,女人最喜欢男人这么强烈地要她,然后紧紧地抱着,把身体贴在一起,密不可分,这也 是多数女人需要的感觉.一边爱抚、一边轻声细语

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Penis size how to play different skills

A man should learn to accept the reality. If the size of the problem is always the lingering pain in their minds, so they can be improved by various techniques
the effect of sex.

sex itself is simple cannot again simple, unfortunately, sometimes the effect is not just as one wishes. If you want to eliminate the anxiety and share the most wonderful feeling with your partner, you must learn to make full use of its own conditions. In fact, the sizes and shapes of differe

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A practical method for 10 prolong sex time

          1, change the time intercourse. People in general will be life in the evening, but if you change them during waking, physical fatigue has been lifted, energetic, chew a piece of gum flirt, believe that intercourse quality will be improved.

        2, reduce the as soon as possible in order to climax, the satisfaction of both parties.

        3, strengthen the couple thought

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Deputy general manager and President wife make love for promotion

Sue beauty wearing heels, twisting the waist walks into the bedroom, like a plant, probe into the bed, is the Ling Chensan point. Sue beauty like to wear black stockings, high-heeled shoes, even like this again cold winter, her cold skin like a jade bracelet, shares the biting cold, let me from " love spring dream wake up.

I will

her hand into her arms, hands holding her feet. It is very cold, but this woman warm hands warm feet, is a warm, and I’m extremely reluctant t

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Good orgasm position is good posture

run. Because of the men and women of their sex organs are different, if you don’t take a specific position, cannot have sexual intercourse.

69: both pose with his mouth, sucking licking each other’s genitals, some couples think mutual of oral increase each other’s sexual excitement, others think that interfere, or were oral better.

woman lying in male vertical: women supine, legs upright, the body is 90 degrees, male

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Secret unconventional passionate sex 3 skills

" I practice every day… Love is ten thousand hectares of forest, lost was you and me…… " Andy Lau’s songs in the ears of single cycle, the lyrics tells the story of people can not help but sad depressed. So this is Andy Lau song inside story, we in the real life , Is it right? Often lost?

do not continue to get lost, " sex and no feelings so complicated, we have the following tips, perfect sex unsolicited!


skills: vibrator aphrodisiac

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Novel sex position reversing techniques

The "inverted

" type position, is to get his or her head down, bending the body of the party, unable to grasp the supporting point of the upper part of the body, with the high tide comes, with the increase of face and neck blood pipe pressure, his face will be red and then there are astounding, sensory stimulation, because the upper part of the body not know what course to take, but can show the climax twist the body of sexy and passion.

this position is

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How the finger inserted the vagina can quickly orgasm

finger into the vaginal tips, give her the feeling is different. Skilled men can use fingers to give women a strong

tread air climax

fierce kiss, a man’s lips habitually across earlobe, neck, chest, and every inch of the hand gently across the body skin, walk…… Slowly, into the theme, gradually entering blissful circumstances, the climax came. Next time, is also so. When a man wantonly search different exciting point in your body, yo

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The best Aphrodisiac perfume

Perfume is the best "Aphrodisiac" in the medical basis is because the smell and the secretion of hormones of pituitary, there is a direct correlation, when subjected to a certain smell stimulation, it will directly affect the sexual behavior, and sexual behavior also can stimulate the body to produce some to attract the opposite sex odor. In the external and internal joint under, interest will be high up.

aroma has the function of sensory stimulation effect, many people will co

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Lack of experience does not matter, tolerance and understanding is the most important


The lack of experience of "rel= "nofollow" >
male combined, to catch their own pleasure, will move back and forth "
life . And position as, every kind of change, the ingenious combination, change, in order to enhance the
female pleasure, guide the female get

Even if the

is pumping motion, not only in and out of it, it is best with a movement of change. Especially with slow speed, combined with repeated

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While making love woman 11 minutes after state

for women, adequate foreplay is the real time to enjoy the sex meal, so after they enter the state, you also need to spend some time, layer layer progressive touch and stimulate the sensitive parts of the.

research shows that, male average in 4 minutes after stimulation can reach women averaged 11 minutes — don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the piston 11 minutes of "movement", but refers to their entry into the love state.

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Women and men are excited at three touch

One of the key

human different from other animal, we can use the tool is reasonable, and the hand is the universal tool uniquely human. However, very few people know how to use this sophisticated props, fully to help love . Though, when there will never forget the foreplay hands and I! But before the play ended, officially inserted, put one’s heart and soul into attention to piston movement, so little hands to play.

many people mistakenly believe that as long as ther

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Practical skills, make sex time lasting

sex process is really a trick, it can help the man more persistent

Change speed

under normal circumstances, the man love are slow to fast to the end of the company. In fact, from low to high, straight up thrusting speed is not scientific. For men, keeping the same pace, or has been accelerating sex, so that sex is generally "short-lived".

man should learn to "speed", high and low let sex have peaks also has a trough. And the man that s

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Eros Eros resonance with him ten strokes

1, and he resonance Eros


love man always can’t wait, then you might as well let him cool temporarily down from the blind passion. Experts suggest that you — tell him your rhythm, he could very well with you, and you will have a more harmonious sex .

2, arranged the environment


at the beginning of sex, you need to put all the things around the bed, like " contraceptive sets, lubricant, a towel, a large bottle of lemon h

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The analytical method of different vaginal sex Figure

with href= "" rel= "nofollow" >
vaginal tightening surgery produced , many women began to their private parts size is more or less the "opinions", these ideas are amplified to not be satisfied
life , so a lot of start of vagina started "finishing".

sex itself is simple cannot again simple, unfortunately, sometimes the effect is not satisfactory. If you want to eliminate the anxiety and share the most wonderful fee

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Shame Jingxian after 90 real contract

Party A: male


B: B female

A men (hereinafter referred to as Party A) and B female (hereinafter referred to Party B) since the two sides ____ years __ month __ date, follow the equality, voluntary, fair, the principle of mutual benefit, reached the following agreement through consultation, to abide by.

first: determine the parties no infectious diseases.

second: during the effective period of this contract, both parties must ensure that each

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How to determine your sexual stimulation is sufficient

      brilliant idea: how to judge the stimulus adequate?

      so, how to judge whether the foreplay "almost"? Has a very sweet method — Observation of the other chest. During sexual excitement, both men and women may appear similar to a maculopapular "flush", is more common in women. It began in the upper abdomen, and then quickly spread to the chest, because of the environment and light, may ignore this phenomen

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Let a man heart real sex kissing techniques

        women should learn some kissing skills, because a kiss is in addition to the sex most can give men shake and romantic feeling that way.

        kiss is the most beautiful love, the most direct way of expression, the following 126 Xiaobian teach you a few tricks:

        1, use at large the better to apprehend him with

        gently kiss, shunts immediately, th

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And the woman make love tips

experienced men have such experience, with mature woman and less sex sex and sexual experience of women, the two kinds of the feeling of love is completely different. So, in the first night sex skills, small make up today and you talk about how the woman is with or Cougar sex.


however, mature in women because of the age, the body at this time have been undergoing some changes, for example:

1, the mature feminine chest is generall

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The opponent the ecstasy of the sex game

let the "self-help" game with you into the man heart, explore their erotic daydream, crack the man strong appearance under a sex password. That man in ecstasy at the same time, you can also from the inside of the happy, enjoy the pleasure from you stir passions.

let the match the ecstasy of the "

" game

quietly entice

what more reverie than a talk, naked woman? 24 year old Roman Tam said: "my girlfriend on the telephone

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Sex mistake give her the most comfortable touch

touch is very important, but for women, couples often make four types of errors in the sex .

manual rude

like men more aggressive caress, and that women also preference in this. But America renowned scientist Pam Spl pointed out that, in most cases, women tend to gentle sex. Because of the gentle caress can stimulate the nerve endings. In order to let each other are satisfied, men should be slow their movement in sexual love.


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Super sexual skills, make women love liquid cross flow

          we have enough ways to make a woman burst method in foreign your hands.


from the inner side of the lip

          start from the thigh to touch to the Y lip. On the back and gently rub for y pedicle; remember to rub it in the lubrication state, so as to avoid excessive friction and make a woman feel pain, tenderness and rhythmically up and down twisting, and after a while, and the

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Urethral flow white liquid abdominal pain accompanied by what

I am 20 years old this year, whether it is in the movies, TV, or novel, pictorial, even the thought of sex related issues, the penis will erect, then to produce, make me whole body weakness, Yaoxisuanruan, insomnia forgetful…… Often in the urethral mouth has some clear liquid outflow, less than nocturnal emission of semen. In the hard stool, the urethra outflow milky white liquid, sometimes cloudy urine, finally will be out of the liquid. This is funny? Sometimes pain in lower abdomen, this

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The 10 group sex data clearly to judge their own bed.

survey of 1 Average partner


a global survey, male with an average of 13 sexual partners in a lifetime, " women averaged 7. But the survey also think, women’s data may shy or afraid of prejudice and the influence they say the real number. The number of his object is satisfied with sexual intercourse, 66% people, 22% people regret quantity a bit more, while 12% of the people still not satisfied.

survey of 2 first when

man the

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Help to bring me a new sexual experience

          after the initial passion, you are tired of each other — really want change, but the emotional and economic costs are too high, so ah, does not change, sex way. Change, maybe you can bring new passion. Have a try.


, tongue

yes, flexible tongue can give you and he beautifully experience.


"very effective, it always let me quickly into the state." "In the be

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Sex skills appropriate groan is the best aphrodisiac

          Oriental woman is veiled woman to love and be loved, they are in the habit of expression in hidden.

          this is an oriental woman virtue, but the virtue is not applied properly, it gives a man confused and uneasy.

          this is to let a man difficult to talk about things, so only complained to the doctor: in his warm love, really want to get a response to love. But she is by implic

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Eat tofu will really hurt precision Male Yangjing principle

likes to eat tofu and other soy products male beware. According to the America much home media reported recently, USA Harvard University School of public health and a new study clearly again, if the daily consumption of soybean products, will make the quantity of sperm in male was obviously decreased.

the study by the Harvard University School of public health George find Dr. Varro completed?. From 2000 to 2006, the researchers tracked 99 men. The research results surprisi

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The two method can prolong the female orgasm

why many women do not feel or orgasm always fleeting.

results showed that, the average orgasm " of female lasts 15~30 seconds, short orgasm let the woman is not fun disappeared, and how to extend the time, has become the focus of researchers and a female friend of attention.

there are many reasons leading to a climax hard, such as fatigue, weakness, disease, couples not, " sex environment etc.. In addition, another important rea

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Harmonious sex of husband and wife must know tips

          because the "spirit" to students "gas", "gas" to be born "God", to health, first should maintain their "essence", "fine" is bold and assured me is full, San San, is health, health and less disease. In the five internal organs apply Hua, outside skin moist, face luster, old but vigorous. Therefore, health house to spirit as Sambo, and particularly in the "fine" to treasure.

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Let love liquid straight down three thousand feet high difficulty skills

skills is a crazy thing, study skills is a very exciting things, the study found that some skills is the kind of lewd Dang excited, but some of the techniques is to let a person heart wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

pumping techniques

first insert your

licking her clitoris

at the top of the clitoris, labia majora customers, are usually the top package. You can use the hand gently opens, from down to up to lick. Lick around, pretend not to

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How should men during sex suggestive breast


breast not only has a separate women’s desire. Learn some and flirt with breast massage skill, can allow women to breast Elysian Fields faster.

The first rule of

tease breast technology is all must take the female as the center, in the stimulation of her and let her to relax, to her feelings for the key.

can also help ordinary husband wife massage breast, promote feelings of husband and wife. Breast massage must be gentle, slowly s

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Customs Teaser plus chair posture

must learn to flirt with


woman need moderate bare, their delicate skin, exquisite curves show enjoy the out put as amorous temptation attitude that a woman should have vividly released. The beauty of a woman, a woman’s Mei, women Sao, woman dia, never belong to the oneself most love the man. A woman should be in Bed Tent nasty engage in some practical joke, when the man caught you, you will Huazhiluanchan obediently to beg for mercy. Then, while he was not looking to rub him

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Men make love foreplay tips 6


            if the following points to fully pursue perfect, believe in her heart
            use a tongue you

talk about is not only the sex life more important than this. From time to time to break the diaphragm, ask her true feelings, from her point of view about the origin of her happy, you will benefit a lot. Also, don’t forget the sex issued happy voice,

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A full set of oral sex Cougar cordial to impart skills

oral skills

the best posture is kneeling on the companion legs, from the beginning of his

cruising ventriloquist

here is not to let you to imitate the sounds, but to his genitals as iron containing into the mouth, lips do not force attention. Let your head making a circling motion. When you come back ring, his penis in your mouth turning around, touching different parts. Watch your teeth do not touch it. Above have good posture, but another me

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Avatar sex secrets make a woman flirting master

believes that no man like in bed like a dead fish like woman, will want you to cooperate with him in love , together with the rhythm and he, together with run. But if you are a flirt, he naturally more welcome. As long as you have enough sex tips, can the full range of the release of your as the embodiment of female charm, flirt, let him genital.

let their first estrus

woman to seduce men, will let you excited enough affection mo

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Single women can longitudinal enjoy a passionate sex

          a, masturbation

          masturbation, will always be a part of a single woman security sex not less, only from the safety point of view, masturbation is undoubtedly the highest, has the incomparable by any other means height. Due to the addition of fantasy elements more spiritual level, so the highest possible to enjoy, but it has nothing to do with sexual partners exchange. People can’t do without communication,

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What skills can let husband having sex even longer

asks: female, 32 years old, married. Few in the life I can realize high tide, only a few times, every time is the beginning of a feeling of husband is not, what skills can let husband in sex more durable?

net friend "fish on the chopping block" answer: for men, marital life and lasting more to highlight his "ability"; for women, men, more durable, woman more likely to achieve orgasm. So, the husband and wife sex, just to try to extend

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The techniques which pure man let her keep the climax

            a, men need to learn what kind of means

with the woman to investigate what they want most from a time when man there, they will tell you, hope your lover can slow down the speed of the hand. Slowly stroking can enhance women’s sexual pleasure.

men are different. Direct touch would bring him great pleasure. Many women are not aware of this, but also because the man waited a long time, but did not receive a stimulus become

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9 coup to reach orgasm.

first strokes: love your body


ten in female individual has nine person think he is too fat. When bare meet, this kind of self depreciation views sometimes impedes two people should enjoy the fun. For example, since that chest is too small, may be in the partner touching his chest feel inferior, will subconsciously escape from his hand, or direct his attention elsewhere. In the course of time, this signal would make partner feel distress, thus affecting sexual relatio

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These five strokes so that you fully enjoy sex passion

has a lot of husband and wife can not fully enjoy the passion of sex , will often give up halfway, these five tips let you fully enjoy sex passion, make your sex to the end.

1: field trip sex

find a each time to relax, take a tent to go wild outing, breathing the fresh air of nature, while carefully arranged in a sexual night, six in the firefly, let your sex the burning flames.

2: comfort type sex

sex and color is not every day can be filled w

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In sex, men must know six points

    "rude to put her to bed" will have a you need her feelings, but just start doing just fine, " or gentle good sex.

        some women in the workplace is very strong, in front of you, just like a little girl, to understand her, according to her need to meet her.

      to pay attention to those signal, such as what time she want you to fit in with her hips and how to make your hands to touch her

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How postpartum sex muscle exercise

and my husband and I were married for more than 6 years, most of the day is spent in the sweet. He is 4 years older than me, very considerate. For the "pleasure thing, his strong desire, is also very good at stimulate me to" sex ", I also respond to him with more enthusiasm, with two people although not perfect, but also feel very harmonious and happy.

last year I gave birth to a fat boy, do episiotomy, although various aspects of postpartum body recovery is good, bu

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The woman very hate four foreplay!

four women sex foreplay is very annoying, when men love to note, which four kind!

1, bad breath, body sour many women are not accustomed to a man with a special "manly", this let a woman not interested, even think you are dirty, so the man must keep themselves clean in love before, let yourself not those "manly", so that food can let the woman rest assured that your bodies to give you.

2, boring and repetitive, boring women don’t like single l

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Touch technique make her excited unceasingly

reminds you: when to touch of the female organs, to constantly changing. Don’t use the same finger has, should another finger have a try, then use two fingers, and then the three root. Occasionally, you can also use the palm of the hand to go from the bottom up across the vulva.

sometimes, you can grab a pillow over, and then in the "lower" (the female sex organ) tied house around fifteen minutes. In this fifteen minutes, you don’t turn their attention elsewhere;

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Want to female sexual techniques that make men happy boundless

men like their women is dignified image on the outside, but when she went to bed, the best embodiment to the female, or even a slut, so that we can enjoy the sex fun. If you want to be let men hell-bent desire daughter, must grasp the following a few sex tips, give him the boundless happiness.

learned to praise his sexual ability of

for their own ability, the man is very important, even more than his face. In fact, the man will also worry, worry about love for th

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Inventory a few most popular sex site


love is not limited to the bedroom, but occasionally choose sex elsewhere, will let you find more different stimulation with pleasure Oh, to have a look the following a few classic " love place!

project of a hotel


hotel? It’s safe? Not? Yes, you heard right, go to a hotel and occasionally, pretending to be a betrayal of the lovers, quietly go, a sensation arise spontaneously. But remember to bring your personal activities, ensu

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Promote the trick Orgasm tease of vulva

woman can get , decided to a great extent in man, and the foreplay is very important part.

however, foreplay should be targeted, not blindly, otherwise it is the doing, not only can not pick up each other’s sexual excitement, but also easy to make her laugh, and even disgust. Targeted foreplay includes kissing, cuddling, touch and massage action. sexy zone can enhance sexual excitement level one, which is very important to in women, because it means Y wall

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Diani of passions sublimated do what little one can to help

sex , sufficient foreplay is beginning two people of passion, will lay a good foundation for the passion, the sublimation of the next, LELO teach you 6 strokes to foreplay, sublimation and lay a good foundation for two human passion.

The most loving kiss on

1. Remember, must hold hands with her / his face, affectionate gaze for 2 seconds, then slowly kiss.

in the kiss in the process, should be common tongue licking lover’s lips, as if in a massage. At the same time

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Foreplay techniques of out of cash

many people wonder, why own skill is good, but always can not reach the perfect level? " sex technique in the process can not be ignored, the more important the foreplay is forgotten by the people, this is the of to a happy life the fundamental reason. However, everything is hard in the beginning, the sex life of the foreplay is not simple, in order to save the most adored, hereby offer foreplay stunt: "out of cash".

"out of cash" this door

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Men’s soft oral sex techniques for mercy

          when " oral sex, the male can lie, sit or stand, when women licking Yin stem, can also use the lips to light touch the head of the GUI, make glans can stimulate the. Oral sex when women’s hands must not hold Yin stem, you can hold the male body, using the mouth power to support Yin stem, let Yin stem can fully enjoy the oral stimulation.

          1, the standard oral sex – hands Yin the roots,

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Sex two work let a woman forget oneself

if we know something about the martial arts novels, you will know, in many small time inside those magical Kungfu tend to beat all effect in the critical moment. For example, "one finger", this effort allows people with enemy earned stroke dangerous occasion, close to the size of enemy points, one that attack and retreat from.

so what we today call "refers to the two power" and what effect is there? Is very simple, two refers to work while no one finger so magic

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Friends car shock required operating instructions

now, with the increase of private cars, the people hit the attention in the private car is more and more up. So, those bored in bed love people, after the open sex , in the car sex has become a trend. And in the car — car sex there is a proper noun.

so, though the word "car" for us now are no longer strange, but the concrete operation, need to pay attention to what these things, we still need to know what the. The following will see "operating instr

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Teach you how to roll out orgasm for men

if I’m not mistaken, there is a fixed sexual partners of women, in the life a lot of people will give their men masturbate. This is called Lu tube hand live, most women will estimate. You don’t? Don’t say no, today is a gang of men Lu full teaching.

many men feel their female partners are patted their when the penis is not enough skilled, woman’s hand itself looks so thin, that also appear in the catch when the weak man penis. They seem to be afraid of hard, but o

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Tips how to cultivate a G-spot orgasm

All of the

female has this accept the stimulation site

: G

to find out where your g

precisely, the G spot located at the halfway between href= "vagina mouth and of the uterine neck, on the front wall of the vagina. Imagine a clock, its twelve o’clock just in front of the navel direction, 11 points to 1 points in this area is the G spot. Find another way the G-spot is, lie down, conveniently under the upper edge of pubic are

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Five one awesome trendy sitting vertical skills

positioning and seat sex can occur at any site, because they do not need the comfortable bedding and bedroom. However, also because of standing or sitting type sexual intercourse without the mattress for, different from the ordinary, more with a sense of wonder and irritating.

with the improvement of living standards, family housing has improved, those who do not live with children or the elderly couple, life is not entirely confined to the bedroom.


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Learn 3 strokes together men and women screaming hot fuck

in order to let everyone have a hot of the of life, small today make up to recommend several < a href= "" rel= "nofollow" > sex skills, for your reference.

put sex first

knows how to coordinate the work and life of the people is the real life of people, although in today’s society, whether living or working pressure of the pressure is greater than ever before. But this can not be not the sex life of the i

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5 strokes teach women screaming crazily sex

There are a lot of

sex the way, people usually choose the more commonly used missionary position. However, long-term use of this way, will not make you feel tired? Perhaps, for some fresh moves, make sex more fresh. At the same time, also can let your man more fascination for you. So, might as well find some special types of sex, experience new stimulus of sex.

the first one: outdoor camping Wild Sex

not in the pure thought, sex is in the bedroom bed. Sex can be

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5 women will learn kissing techniques

            men like kissing that both body and mind be the feeling of kissing, but in the process, they also have some small "taboo". To understand the like men kissing, close relations between the two sides is the best way.

          kissing is love men and women transfer unspeakable feelings between them, is a kind of performance in verbal but embodies the strong sex information of body la

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Sex tips twenty strokes

This is really a bad day: in the morning a toothbrush in the toilet to go out to work; when the wallet in the crowded bus; after returning home found no buy electricity, only in the dark in a single gulp dinner…… A series of small setback make you yearn for warm, now you just want to put into the arms of love, let the tenderness to soothe your body and mind, love is not only the physical desire for you, more is the soul of the collision, you need sex burst of energy to the emotional charge,

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Sexual skills, a woman with chest to his climax

          sex , should take the initiative to tease men.


male nipple

          human papilla are sex sensitive area, male nipples is good sexy belt. However, yet to be developed, can be said to be hidden erogenous zone. Stimulation of Y stems also were papillary caress, can let the male experience compound pleasure, to women , is also a kind of happiness.

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Make her climax insertion techniques

* memories — even if you unfortunately did not enduring as the universe, she will always appreciate and remember you are the one and only techniques .

* increased both of you sexual pleasure.

* increased she want with you love desire.

  women like to be able to make their bodies feel the surprise of the man. A good wife can find and meet partner requirements, at the same time to keep some mystery in front of her. A great lover is

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